Bejaia, Vgayet in Tamaziɣt, Bougie being the old French name of the city, Saldae in Roman times and Vaga in Libyco-Berber, is a Coastal city of Algeria located at about 250 km on the East of the capital Algiers. Bejaia is the largest city of Kabylia. It has one of the largest oil and commercial harbor in the Mediterranean Sea and an international airport with regular connections to France. Bejaia is also an industrial center in the agro-food industry. With its magnificent landscapes, beaches of golden sand, Bejaia is a tourist city. Known in Roman times as Saldae, it became in the Middle Ages, one of the most prosperous cities on the Mediterranean coast. Capital of Great Muslim Dynasties from 1067, Bejaia has undergone several foreign occupations, including, Spanish (1510-1555), Ottoman (1555-1823) and French (1830-1962). She is known in Europe thanks to the quality of her candles made of bees wax, Bejaia has also played an important role in the dissemination of "Arabic numerals" in the West.

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