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Title: Abrid s asebded n usegzawal n talgha : amyag aherfi n teqbaylit
Authors: Kacem Chaouche, Karim
Ait Salah, Yacine
Mehdi, Nacer ( Directeur de thèse)
Keywords: Talgha : Asegzawal : Abrid s asebded
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Université de Bejaia
Abstract: Tazrawt-a, ihi, ur telli d aglam negh d tazrawt n yisegzawalen, d asebded n usegzawal. Iswi n tezrawt, d asebded n usegzawal n talgha, asegzawal-a, ad yessifses tegnit i tmazight, acku d asegzawal ara d-yefken i yal talgha tucridt negh tarucridt n umyag aherfi amyag i tt-id-yefkan
Description: Taɣult :Tutlayt,Asmeskel d Useggem Amutlay
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