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Title: Enhancing EFL students’writing skill through Mind Mapping Strategy : Case Study : Bachelor Science Learners, HCS Private School, El Kseur
Authors: Lanseur, Kenza
Haddouche, Selma
Imerzoukéne, Sonia (Directrice de thèse)
Keywords: Writing Skill : Student
Writing strategy : Private school : Mind Mapping : Bachelor Science Learners : EFL
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Université de Bejaia
Abstract: Most of students consider writing as a hard task because they face difficulties in getting started and in organizing their ideas. The present research strives at exploring the relationship between mind mapping and students’ writing skill. This study aims at investigating the effect of mind mapping as a pre-writing strategy on enhancing EFL students’ writing skill.To achieve the research aim, a pre-experimental study was conducted. To test our hypothesis, we used a pre-experiment study based on both quantitative method (pre-posttest, pre-post questionnaire) and qualitative method (textual analysis) of data collection. The participants were 18 bachelor science students in High courses private school
Description: Option : Linguistics
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