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Offre de formation Licence Orthophonie


The training in the field of speech therapy depends on anatomical and physiological data within a psychological and social framework. During this training, the student seeks to acquire knowledge that helps him to effectively deal with pathological conditions of organic or functional origin, and in that it is also a linguistic structure with relational, psychological and cultural dimensions. In terms of the nature of the cognitive scientific material and theoretical backgrounds that provide many approaches to many communicative disorders that are dealt with clinically and therapeutically by the speech therapist, where they are examined and diagnosed, and then building the therapeutic project and working on its application in the field using all available means, and in the end following up and monitoring the results of the sponsorship, according to each case with care to continue to work and preventive role.

Cette spécialité s'occupe des troubles de la prononciation. Mais il peut aussi agir sur les fonctions associées à la compréhension, à la réalisation et à l'expression du langage oral et écrit.


Les diplômés en orthophonie pourront exercer en tant qu’orthophonistes thérapeutes du langage et de la communication, dans les hôpitaux, les établissements solaires, écoles d’enfants sourds, cabinets privés…etc.



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