Characterization of some physicochemical and functional properties and associated antioxidant compounds of mango (Mangifera indica L.) pulp powder from Mali

Farida Derradji


Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is one of the most important tropical fruits consumed all around the world.  The aim of this investigation was to assess the physicochemical, technological properties (water and oil holding capacity, emulsion capacity and stability) and associated antioxidant constituents (total phenolic, total flavonoïds, proanthocyanidins) of the Malian mango pulp powder (MPP). Results show that MPP exihibit a high polyphenol, flavonoïds and proanthocyanidins contents of 15660±0.06 mg EAG/ 100g, 34.33± 0.71 mgEQ/100g and 106.27±13.91 mg EC/100 g on dry matter basis, respectively. MPP possesses good water and oil absorption capacities with values of 106 and 131%, respectively. Interesting emulsifying properties were obtained with values of 47.05% and 84.37%, respectively. The results of the present study indicate that MPP is a good source of antioxidant compounds and exhibit interesting technological properties. Thus, MPP has a high potential for use as a functional ingredient in the preparation of food products.




Powder; Technological properties; Bioactive molecules.

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