New aliphatic constituents from the aerial parts of Artemisia annua L.

Mohammed Ali


Artemisia annua L. (Asteraceae) is an aromatic annual herb, up to 2 m in height, found in temperate Asia, especially China and naturalized in many countries of the world.  The plant is prescribed against fever, malaria, skin diseases, jaundice, malignant ulcers and haemorrhoids. Phytochemical investigation of the aerial parts of A. annua led to the isolation of alkyl alcohols, fatty acid esters, alkyl glucoside and fatty acids characterized as n-nonadecan-2β-ol (isononadecanol, 1), n-docosan-9β-ol (isodocosanol,  2), 1-octacosanol (n-octacosanyl alcohol, 3), n-heptadecanyl n-octadec-9,12-dienoate (n-heptadecanyl linoleate,  4), n-octadecanyl n-octadec-9,12,-dienoate (n-octadecanyl linoleate, 5), n-nonacosanyl n-octadec-9, 12-dienoate (n-nonacosanyl linoleate, 6), n-cos-(Z)-10-enoic acid (cis-cos-10-enoic acid, 7), n-cos-(Z)-9-enoic acid (cis-cos-9-enoic acid, 8) and n-heptadecanyl-ß-D-glucopyronoside (n-heptadecanyl glucoside, 9). The structures of all phytoconstituents, isolated for the first time from A. annua have been elucidated on the basis of spectral data analysis and chemical reactions


Artemisia annua L., aerial parts, aliphatic phytoconstituents, structures elucidation

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