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A logotype, commonly referred to as a logo, is a graphic presentation that identifies immediately a company, an association, an institution, a product, a service, an event or any other organization in order to distinguish the owner of the logotype from other entities. 


In this regard, we put the institutional logo of Bejaia University as well as its different variants at disposal of all the university community (teachers, students, structures…etc) and also for partners and economic stakeholders for any academic use.


Ps : the logo usage must to respect the determined usage rules in the   prohibitions  section 




Size of the logo on paper (JPEG)  (download)
Big size of the logo (JPEG)  (download)
Logo in vectorial format (EPS)  (download)



Variants of the logo


  • Logo on a dark background plain color  
  • Medium size   (download)
  • Big size  (download)








  • Logo on a light  background plain color  
  • Medium size   (download)
  • Big size (download)