ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS (E-ISSN: 2353-0391)  is an open access journal, free of charges, published three times a year by the Laboratory of Organic Materials (LOM), Faculty of Technology, University of Bejaia, ALGERIA. The journal is dedicated to research of all aspects of Plant and Natural Products. Authors can send their  views and comments to the Editor in chief :

Prof. Kamel BELHAMEL,

The journal covers research studies related to Natural products including some of the allied subjects. Articles with timely interest and newer research concepts will be given more preference. All manuscripts are subjected to RAPID peer review process . The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence.  

Manuscripts that are found suitable for publication in ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS   are sent to two or more expert reviewers. During submission, the contributor is requested to provide names of two or three qualified reviewers who have had experience in the subject of the submitted manuscript. 

The Manuscript should be submitted  via the  Open Journal Systems (OJS) or via E-mail:  accompanied with a cover letter

The manuscript should be accompanied with a cover letter(in pdf format) signed by the corresponding author.

The author(s) must provide the names of three referees with their e-mail addresses, affiliations and contact information.

For manuscript preparation see :  Focus and Scope

  • Use the template of the journal to write your manuscript: AJNP-template OR Use QR Code to download the template:


  • Phytochemistry (Isolation, Structure elucidation, Spectroscopic properties)
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral, antiparasite activities
  • Biopolymers, biocomposites
  • Electrochemical process using natural products
  • Separation process using natural products
  • Pharmacology, toxicology of plant and their active principles
  • Pharmaceutical formulations and evaluation of natural products
  • Environmental impact and risk assessment





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ScienceOpen has launched a   competition for ‘platinum open access’ journals – those which are fully open access and do not charge an APC (article-processing charge).

I am so happy that our journal: Algerian Journal of Natural Products was selected to be indexed in   ScienceOpen. This is a wonderful platform promoting open access to scientific articles. Thank you ScienceOpen.


Are you a researcher on Natural Products? Why not submit your manuscript to us?   If your manuscript will be chosen, you will get a high impact for your article and enjoy open access for free of charges.

Editor in chief: Prof. Kamel Belhamel

Posted: 2017-01-11

Prof. Kamel Belhamel was interviewed by Science Open


Prof. Kamel Belhamel, editor in chief of AJNP  was interviewed  by Science Open as part of the very successful Open Science series of interviews.

Jon Tennant, from Science Open, chats with Prof Belhamel about his thoughts regarding open access, his role at DOAJ, and the state of scholarly communication in North Africa.

Prof. Kamel Belhamel: “For the global south, Open Access is an opportunity in terms of innovation, the diffusion of knowledge and the emergence of new ideas.”




Posted: 2016-12-07

Open Access in Algeria


Open Access Algeria milite pour  rendre l’information scientifique accessible à l’ensemble des communautés scientifiques. Ce but se traduit par un accès gratuit, intégral et généralisé, sur Internet, aux articles de recherche.
Son objectif principal est d’accompagner les revues scientifiques publiées en Algérie et en Afrique du Nord.

pour plus d'informations, visitez :

Posted: 2016-10-20

ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS has been accepted for indexing in DOAJ


The editor in chief, Prof. Kamel BELHAMEL, is pleased to announce that ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS (E-ISSN: 2353-0391) has been accepted for indexing in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals ) (May 2016). Inclusion of AJNP in DOAJ will provide international visibility and recognition for the journal’s authors.

The editor in chief, Prof. Kamel BELHAMEL, would like to thank the Editorial board, reviewers and authors for their support, and he continues to welcome new article submissions.

The Editorial board of ALGERIAN JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS is very proud of the recognition of the exacting ethical and publishing standards applied by AJNP since the launch of the journal in 2014.



Posted: 2016-05-21
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