Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity OF Essential Oil from the Leaves of Satureja hortensis L.

chouitah ourida


Interest in essential oils was recently revived with their popularity increasing in medicine, pharmacy, and aromatherapy.the present study is aimed to determine the volatile composition of Satureja hortensis L.essential oil (EO) by means of gas chromatography coupled to flame ionization/mass spectrometry detection. Moreover, the antimicrobial activities of the EO on same food borne pathogens were tested. The results showed that the essential oils was analyzed by GC/GC-MS and resulted in the identification of twenty compounds representing 97.52 % of the oil were identified.  The major constituents of the isolated oils were the hydrocarbon and oxygen compounds are: Cadinol 24.02%, thymol 19.57%, Himachalene 10%, Selinene8.20%.The antimicrobial effect of Satureja hortensis L.:essential oil "in vitro" condition was determined using the agar diffusion method and it was found that it was active The present study suggests that the essential oil can be considered as new and potential source of natural antimicrobial agents.


Bio-active ,Antimicrobial eparation process using natural products,

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