LMPA (Laboratoire des Matériaux Polymères Avancés) is developing new research themes on the eco-design and eco-process of polymer materials such as the formulation of biocomposites and bionanocomposites, the valorization of biosourced products, bioprocesses, etc. which represent great interests both academically and industrially.

 The research areas include:

  •  Degradation of polymer materials
  • Formulation of biocomposite materials for structural applications
  • Study of interfaces, interphases and structure/property relationships of polymer materials
  • Valorization of renewable natural resources applied to polymer nanotechnology


The themes are complementary and allow a pooling of research efforts which result in better scientific production, technological impact, quality doctoral training and partnerships with other Algerian and foreign laboratories and industrial companies.

 Keywords :

Polymers, clays, cellulose fibers, nanocomposites, biocomposites, durability, degradation, interfaces, interphases, modeling, renewable resources.

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