Center of systems and information and communication networks, e-learning and distance learning (CSRICTED)




CSRICTED is one of common services of Bejaia University; it’s in charge of management of all computing resources of the university and ensuring the continuity of computing services and their maintenance such as pedagogical service, availability of connection for intranet and internet networks and exploitation of different services offered, and finally maintenance of Computer Park of the university.    




CSRICTED is composed of four sections: information system section, network section, e-learning section and maintenance section.


  • Flow chart 


Information system

  Network   E-learning   Maintenance






  System administration

 Intranet management

 Intranet management


 Plat-form administration





 Hardware maintenance

 Software maintenance 





  • Description and role of each section


1) Information system section 



The mission of Information system section (S.I ) is to implement information system and information and communication technologies policy,  in general the management of automatic data processing.

The section is composed of three cells : 



  • ● Cell of development: it is in charge of developing management applications such as inventory management, staff and students’ services management.

  • ● Pedagogical Cell: it ensures the maintenance of practical work rooms, installation of pedagogical software and systems, planning practical work sessions and management of computer park (GLPI).
  • ● System Cell: it ensures, in an efficient way, the management of users’ station within the university (domain controller).

Leaflet of the cell




2) Network cell  


The mission of this cell is to maintain the proper functioning of intranet network of university, ensure the safety of network equipments  and services provided by the network to information system and applications and finally provide services of internet connection, electronic mail,  user support, study and following up of Bejaia University network projects.

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3) Section in charge of e-learning


This section is composed of 4 cells:

  • ● Cell in charge of e-learning platform administration,
  • ● Cell in charge of multimedia and computer graphics,
  • ● Cell in charge of video-conference and cell in charge of training.

The mission of this section is taking over all operations relative to e-learning at University of Bejaia. Its area of intervention concerns two fields: pedagogical fields and technical field.


The pedagogical field includes training of teachers, people in senior positions and administrative and technical staff of the university on the usage of information and communication technologies.


The technical field includes implementation of an e-learning solution meeting, and at the same time, the needs and ambitions of university. It’s about installing, administration and maintenance of e-learning platform. Moreover, this cell manages a room of video-conference.

Leaflet of the section


3) Section of maintenance


As its name implies, this section ensures the maintenance in good conditions of computer equipments of different services of university. It’s in charge of:

  • ● Installation of Soft et Hardware (design and installation of microcomputers systems):

It handles with the assembly of desktop computers (assembly of a complete central unit), then, installation of exploitation system (eg: Windows XP), software and required tools (Micro Soft Office, Adobe Accrobat, antivirus…etc)

  • ● reparation of Soft et Hardware: the objective of the section is to ensure the maintenance of :

    Computer equipment of university. So it repairs : 

    Inverters, printers, desktops and central units when it concerns an electronic problem

    (eg : repair power supply units), and network equipments :  

    Large inverters (10KVA….), switch, electrical cabinet …etc.