Direction of Communication


It was created in 2011 and its main objective is optimizing relationships between Bejaia University and the external environment. It reflects the continuing commitment of university and its enthusiasm to develop and implement a strategy of communication that ensures an effective and coherent communication within the university community.  The direction focuses its efforts particularly on the following strategical   priorities:



Improve the visual identity of the university by creating a graphic charter that defines precisely the layout standards of different communication materials (Web site, brochure, leaflet, newsletter etc.);


Focus on the visibility  of teaching and research programs ;


Promote the «success stories» of teachers, students, researchers, administrative and technical staff and also alumni;


Elaborate a web site with a better structure, a well  functioning and a  more accessible  informative content


Create a newsletter in order to inform the university community about the last news, adds and events of Bejaia University ;  


Create a journal of university to allow the university community to contribute with important articles and to be informed about activities and events that take place in the campus.  



The Direction of Communication is under the authority of the Rectory and is composed of three units: internal communication, External Communication and Web Communication and Computer Graphics. The direction of communication works in collaboration with the service of audiovisual of university.