Structures of university

Structures of university Abderrahmane Mira- Bejaia






General Secreariat

  Vices rectories


Exact sciences


 Life and Nature Sciences   


Literature and Languages   


Law and Political Sciences  




Human and Social Sciences  


Economic Sciences, Management and Commercial Sciences    


direction of staff and training   


 direction of budget and accounting   


sous-direction des moyens et de la maintenance 


direction of scientific, cultural and sports activities  


 Vice Rectory of Higher Education, Undergraduate and Graduate Levels, Continuing Education and Degrees and Higher Education of Graduation  


 Vice Rectory of Higher Education of Doctoral Level, of university accreditation, Scientific Research and Higher Education and Post-Graduation

Vice Rectory of Development, Prospect and Orientation 


Vice Rectory of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events

Common Services      
   Center of intensive teaching of languages (CEIL)


 Center of printing and Audiovisual (CIAV)   


 Center of systems and information and communication networks, e-learning and distance learning (CSRICTED)


 Office of liaison between university and companies (BLEU)


 Hall de Technologie 


 Cell of accompaniment, sensibilization, support and mediation for students of special needs (CASAM)


 Center of support of technology and innovation (CATI)